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In light of recent travel restrictions and closures, it’s important to remember the ways in which we can CONNECT!

Now more than ever, we don’t want our schools to feel isolated within our global community or reluctant to get up and active! Childhood is a time to make friends, keep healthy & active and have FUN at school!

We’re offering the opportunity for schools to share their experiences internationally with another school by signing up to our Global Buddying programme.

‘Buddying’ provides an opportunity for your school to work collaboratively with a school from another part of the world, helping pupils to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, whilst sharing and celebrating their experiences. Your school can use this to support the curriculum too, with opportunities to develop geographical, environmental, well-being and language knowledge.

For Spring 2020 ONLY, the first ten schools to submit their resources for our Buddying programme receive a GO Run For Fun, EVENT IN A BOX!

The box provides everything your school or class will need to host their very own in-school GO Run For Fun event, at a time that best suits you. This includes an easy-to-follow guide, a T-shirt for each child running, and exciting event day resources. 

Teachers, feel free to join our GO Run For Fun Facebook Buddying group to share your experiences, or to learn more about how other schools all over the world are enjoying it!

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