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Healthy, active lifestyles start at home, and The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun would like to invite all parents to join in on your child’s fitness journey.

Why The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun?

The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun Wants To Change Attitudes!

We all know that modern technology has made staying indoors far too tempting. It’s our job to give television and video games a run for their money – by making it just as easy for parents to get their children into running, sport and playing outside.

The best thing about running is that it’s inexpensive and is a fundamental part of so many other exciting sports. If children get into early we know they tend to stick to it, so that an active and healthy lifestyle is enjoyed and not seen as a chore.

Running Together

Because we’re often telling our kids to “slow down” and “sit still”, we need to balance that out with a bit of “let loose” and “run free”. What’s more, the social benefits from meeting and running with other children are long lasting.

Help Us Grow!

GO Run For Fun is dedicated to inspiring children to get off the couch, get outside, and enjoy exercising. It’s simple and so important in order to set up our children for fit and healthy lifestyles in an age of fast food, screens and convenient transportation.

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