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School Buddying

Would your school like to be linked to an International school who are also involved with the GO Run For Fun programme?

GO Run For Fun is an international programme working with schools across the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Norway, France, Mexico and Singapore.

We are excited for schools to benefit from this international network by creating partnerships between schools in different parts of the world.

Buddying with another GO Run For Fun school will provide your pupils with a window to different cultures, different environments and different school routines.

It will provide an opportunity for your school to work collaboratively with a school from another part of the world. This will help pupils to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, whilst sharing and celebrating their GO Run For Fun experiences. Your school can use this to support the curriculum too, with opportunities to develop geographical, environmental, wellbeing and language knowledge.

Join our GO Run For Fun Facebook Buddying group to share your Buddying experience, and learn more about how other schools all over the world are enjoying it!

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