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WE PRESENT YOU our third post of GO Gazette, the February edition.

Featuring Dart and friends, GO Gazette promotes our free educational resources and events, gives regular updates in the world of well-being, as well as tips on how you & your children can get up, get involved, and GO!

This months edition discusses children’s mental well-being, our NEW missions, Buddying opportunities and the winners of the ‘Warm-Up for February’ competition.

You can view our February edition of GO Gazette here, and make sure you register to our website and opt in so you don’t miss next months!

Whether you’re one of our fabulous school partners, or a parent interested in supporting your child’s health and fitness in a fun context, our monthly post is here to let you in on our top tips.

To find out more about GO Run For Fun, visit or stay up to date on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



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