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Successful first The Daily Mile – GO Run For Fun in Spain

600 children from 7 local schools took part in the first event held in Martorell, Spain in what will be reminded as the original event for the development of the programme in a new country for the TDM team. The local Inovyn team of 38 volunteers from the site located Martorell, European city of Sports in 2023, received the full support of the local community and municipality to organise the mile long event on a sunny and warm beautiful day. Local athletes explained the importance of regular physical activity ahead of the event and joined the children along the course.


The Daily Mile – GO Run For Fun in Rosignano, Italy

The TDM – GRFF team meets up once again with the Ineos team based in Rosignano after a cancelled event in June due to bad weather conditions. Today everything went according to the plan and over 700 children from local schools took part in the event organised thanks to the 80 Ineos volunteers through the streets of the Mediterranean city. Members of the local council sent them all off after a very energetic warm up. The local team is now planning to host two events in 2024, one well established in Rosignano and one in the neighboring city of Livorno. To be continued…

The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun reaches Norway

The second event in our Scandinavian series took place in Bamble thanks to the unconditional support of the dynamic Ineos team in Refnes. The Mayor of Bamble joined the fun to give the start to another cheerful The Daily Mile – GO Run For Fun day.  1100 children from five local schools participated in the well organised event during which 30 volunteers coordinated 14 coaches to see everyone on the starting line on time. Three hours later 1.760 miles had been run and Dart was sad to have to wave goodbye for now. Vi snakkes Norway!

The Daily Mile – GO Run For Fun is back in Stenungsund, Sweden

The Daily Mile – GO Run For Fun is back in Scandinavia for another event at the Sports Arena in Stenungsund, Sweden and 49 Ineos volunteers made sure all 1,142 children from 9 different schools could have an unforgettable day of fun activity in the surrounding woods: 17 buses went back and forth to make this possible! A very impressed Dart was welcome and gave countless high-fives throughout the day. The Swedish is now well known for being the hilliest leg of our European tour but all of our local milers still managed to complete the course. Tack Sweden!

NOH celebrates The Daily Mile

Final stage of our Belgian tour this year, the Ineos team in NOH did it once again! 1,700 children coming from 7 schools took part in the celebration of The Daily Mile organised by 35 volunteers from the nearby Ineos site, joined by Tia Hellebaut, High Jump Olympic champion in 2008 in Beijing. Our partners from MOEV who help with the development of The Daily Mile in the country were also attending to witness the benefits of our programme. Second largest event in our calendar, NOH never fails to deliver and Dart is already asking about next year… It must be the chocolate!

Antwerp runs The Daily Mile

Third event in Belgium in 2023, 900 children from 7 schools gathered for a whole day of active fun at the Zwijndrecht stadium. 30 volunteers from the Ineos Oxyde local site alongside members of the athletics club Zwat delivered a great day of physical activity to a very keen audience, mixing The Daily Mile event with various athletics stations

Sports day in Hengelo

The Daily Mile, Fanny Blankers-Koen and Hengelo Sports joined forces to deliver an exciting day of sports at the local stadium. 500 children were taking part in various athletics activities and The Daily Mile was the final stage of the day with all on the starting line at once, accumulating laps on the running track.

A sunny day in Tavaux

1300 children joined the third edition of ‘The Daily Mile Go Run For Fun’ in Tavaux.

On Friday 2nd June the third edition of the event “The Daily Mile Go Run For Fun” took place in Tavaux. The event this year brought together 1300 children in between five and ten year old from 15 schools near the industrial site of Tavaux. More than 60 volunteers helped deliver the event.

The event, which is completely free for schools and organised by INEOS Inovyn employees at the Tavaux plant and Tavaux Town Hall, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, was an initiative taken by INEOS CEO Jim Ratcliffe in 2013. It is intended to communicate to children the desire to engage in physical activity and thus fight against obesity.

This year Valentine Chapelotte, Jura athlete, came to support. Valentine answered questions on stage before hosting the warm-up session with music and she then ran alongside the children.

Thank you to the children and to the teachers for their participation and the good atmosphere!

Great success for the first ever The Daily Mile Go Run For Fun in Jemeppe, Belgium

On Friday 26th May 1,250 children from the towns of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and Sambreville participated in this sporting event in joy and good spirit.

The 1st edition of The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun event in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre brought together 1,250 children aged 6 to 12 and 95 teachers from 12 schools.

This event, completely free for schools and organised by staff from the INEOS Inovyn site with the support of students from the Physical Education section of the Athénée Baudouin 1er in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, the Panathlon Wallonia-Brussels association, the Val de Sambre Rescue Zone, the Jemeppe-sur-Sambre Police and the municipalities of Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and Sambreville has been a great success.

The mascot Dart and an animation team were present to ensure the festive side of the event. After a warm-up session with music the students ran along the course. At the end of the run, all children received a medal, a souvenir of their active participation in this first edition.

Three high-level triathletes attented this 1st local The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun: Alexandra Tondeur, pro-triathlete, Etienne Claisse, age-group athlete and also an engineer at one of the production units at the INEOS Inovyn Jemeppe site and Olivier Lange. All three ran with the children, answered their questions and … agreed to take the pose, the time of a few photos in a relaxed atmosphere.

What another fantastic day it’s been!

World Daily Mile Day in Dundee

Over 1,000 children participated in The Daily Mile on 27th April in the grounds of a transformed Baxter Park in Dundee that included a stage, music, and guest speakers. Children came from local primary and SEN schools and enjoyed their Daily Mile in front of founder Elaine Wyllie MBE and athletes including Olympian Eilidh Doyle, Paralympian Owen Miller MBE, Paralympian Derek Rae, and long distance runner Jake Smith, as well as Maree Todd, Minister for Social Care Mental Wellbeing and Sport.

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