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A lovely day in Lavera

The final installment in The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun 2023 Autumn Series took place on Thursday 20th October in France.

Lavera, Marseille played host to not only 2500 children from 18 schools, but some unusually mild weather, with temperatures reaching 21 degrees.
One of the hallmark events of the year, the day saw children take part in a 2 km run as well as fun workshops on vortex throwing, long jump and health and well being.

During the lunch break a special guest, Monseigneur Christian Delarbre who gave a brief address to the children and staff before the start of the afternoon session.
The Local Athletics club (Althetic club de Miramas) provided some brilliant demonstrations of hurdles and long jump for the children with the local athletes showing off their skills.

With such a great event rounding off this year’s The Daily Mile GO Run For Fun Events, it will be hard to top them in 2023, we will do our very best though!

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